Rudy Wolsfeld

Hi, my name is Rudy, and I'm a freelance web developer in Vancouver.

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Web Design

Dynamic Visuals

Dynamic Visuals is a professional photography company based out of Vancouver, BC. They are two super friendly and professional photographers with plenty of experience in a variety of styles and genres. With their cohesive creativity, they strive to capture every photo tailored to your needs and portray them in they modern and clean style. No idea is too grand or unreasonable, we love a challenge and we’re always striving to expand our proficiencies. If you have a concept that may not be listed, shoot us a message and we’d love to hear your ideas!

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Branding & Web Design

ClearVision Media

ClearVision Media's strengths lie in their efforts to be proactive and visionary. By doing this, they elevate the quality and standards of their products and services for their clients. They work to provide added value. They see themselves as more than just a clear vision; they’re a creative solutions provider, a resource. With the help of Clearvision Media Group, Cities, Towns and Municipalities around North America are “Winning The War Against Graffiti”. Graffiti hurts everyone. Clearvision Media specializes in anti-graffiti Wraps as well as many forms of high resolution digital printing and vehicle wraps.

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ClearVision Media
Dynamic Visuals


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