Web Design
March 30, 2020

Dynamic Visuals

Dynamic Visuals is a professional photography company based out of Vancouver, BC. They are two super friendly and professional photographers with plenty of experience in a variety of styles and genres. With their cohesive creativity, they strive to capture every photo tailored to your needs and portray them in they modern and clean style. No idea is too grand or unreasonable, we love a challenge and we’re always striving to expand our proficiencies. If you have a concept that may not be listed, shoot us a message and we’d love to hear your ideas!

Dynamic Visuals

Dynamic Visuals needed a website

Franchesca and Avidor, the co-owners of dynamic visuals, have been expanding into the photography scene. Until now they have been using Instagram to showcase all of their work. They decided that they needed a more sophisticated way to show off their talents. This is when we talked, and we began deciding the direction that the website would go.

A modern look

Franchesca and Avidor pride themselves in their clean and modern photography. To compliment this art style we decided to take the website in a similar direction. I kept the home page clean and minimalist. With a grayscale design, the colour added when going over a photo catches the eye,and brings your attention to the right areas.